XEFE-2 Nuevo Laredo TA Es
XHAB-7 Matamoros TA Tropo
XHFOX-17 Reynosa TA Tropo
XHLNA-21 Nuevo Laredo TA Tropo
XHFTX-57 Nuevo Laredo TA Tropo

Tamaulipas is the nearest state of Mexico at our location. The VHF and UHF stations from Reynosa and Matamoros boom in here regularly. Although XHFOX-17 is operated by Televisa, the station is the English-speaking Fox affiliate for the McAllen-Brownsville, Texas market. The ID below is from 1996.

XEFE-2 Nuevo Laredo (1998)
(Via Es at only 483 miles!)

XHAB-7 Matamoros (1996)

XHAB-7 Matamoros (1999)

XHLNA-21 Nuevo Laredo (1997)

XHFTX-57 Nuevo Laredo (1997)

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