XEWO-2 Guadalajara
XHG-4 Guadalajara
XHPVE-4 Puerto Vallarta
XHATU-5 Antotonilco
XEDK-5 Guadalajara

XEWO-2 Guadalajara (1999)
Small, difficult to read ID says,
"C-2 xewo guad. jal."

The city of Guadalajara is one of the largest cities in Mexico. Guadalajara is about 1000 miles from our location. XHG-4, a common catch here by Eskip, is a very polished independent station. The station makes its way to north Louisiana more often than any other station (except XEWO-2) from Jalisco. Several versions of the big "4" logo have been used by XHG-4 in recent years. The "GDL" ID below is from July 4, 1999.

XHG-4's local morning program:
Buenos Dias (1999)

XHPVE-4 from Puerto Vallarta is an XHGC-5 relayer that runs a local newscast during the early afternoon hours on weekdays. During the local programming, the station uses "4 Vallarta" IDs, whereas supered calls are used during XHGC-5 programming. XHPVE-4, like the Televisa Veracruz stations, emphasizes the beach and bikini-clad girls on their local IDs.  The photograph here is from the end of a long ID which features both live action (beach scenes) and colorful animation.

XEDK (above) is another independent station in Guadalajara which is often received here. This station operated on channel 6 until 1997. Jeff Kruszka and I first saw XEDK operating on channel 5 in December 1997. According to Fernando Garcia, XEDK moved from channel 6 due to interference from high-powered FM transmitters. The ID above was taped on July 4, 1999.

This photo of XEDK-5's Antena Cinco
newscaster is from December 1997.

XEDK-5 promo for Dr. Quinn (1999)

XHATU-5 Antotonilco (1996)
(Shot of lower left corner.)

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