XHFM-2 Veracruz Es
XH??-4 ???? Es
XHAJ-5 Las Lajas Es

Televisa Veracruz operates two low-band TV stations in the city of Veracruz. Both have been received here via Es and tropo. XHFM-2 is the most frequent Es catch, while XHAJ-5 is the most common tropo catch. Televisa Veracruz programs have also been received on channel 4 from what is believed to be a relayer of XHAI-9 Las Lajas.

XHFM-2 uses fancy, animated IDs and promos. ID/promo packages are changed about once a year. The 1999 versions feature calls, in addition to "2" and "Televisa Veracruz."

XHFM-2 (1999)

XHFM-2 (1999)
Note calls ("M" is on screen)
moving diagionally across screen.

XHFM-2 (1999)

XHFM-2 (1998)
The big "2" was not used in 1998.

XHFM-2 (1997)

XHFM-2 (1996)

XH??-4 (1998)

XHAJ-5 (1999)

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