TV stations from Mexico which are known to broadcast local ID information.

(Station Name)

Note: Some stations, including XHBS-4, operate multiple transmitters on the same channel in different cities. It is believed that the station locations on this list are where the main, full-power transmitters are located.

List updated: 11-10-99.

XHAGU-2 Aguascalientes AGS XEQ-9 w/supered calls; also local news, ads, full IDs (D-LA)
XEPM-2 Cd. Juarez CHIH XEW-2 w/local ads(D-LA)
XHCH-2 Chihuahua CHIH NN TV Azteca owned; w/local ads(D-LA)
XHAP-2 Acapulco GRO XEW-2 w/supered calls (D-LA)
XHCHN-2 Chilpancingo GRO XHGC-5 w/supered calls (D-LA)
XEWO-2 Guadalajara JAL XEW-2 w/local ads, supered calls/location (D-LA)
XEFB-2 Monterrey NL NN w/local IDs, four colored squares logo, news, ads; " La Fuerza de la Imagen" (D-LA, FG-NL)
XHHHN-2 Huajuanpan OAX XHGC-5 w/supered calls (D-LA)
XHQRO-2 Cancun Q.ROO XEW-2 w/local ads (D-LA)
XHQ-2 Guamuchil SIN Relays XHQ-3; see below (D-LA, W9WI-TN)
XHI-2 Cd. Obregon SON (Televisora del Yaqui) NN w/local IDs, news, ads (D-LA)
XHFA-2 Nogales SON Azteca-13 w/local ads (D-LA)
XEFE-2 Nuevo Laredo TAM NN w/local IDs, ads (D-LA)
XHFM-2 Veracruz VER (Telever/Televisa Veracruz) NN w/ local IDs, news, ads (D-LA)
XHY-2 Merida YUC (Televisora de Yucatan) NN w/local IDs, news, ads; "La Imagen del Color " (D-LA, FG-NL)

XHQ-3 Culiacan SIN (TV de Culican) NN w/local IDs, news, ads (D-LA)
XHVIZ-3 Villahermosa TAB XEW-2 w/supered calls (D-LA)
XEBQ-3 Zacatecas ZAC XHGC-5 w/supered calls (D-LA)

XHJCM-4 Aguascalientes AGS Azteca-13 w/supered calls (D-LA)
XHLPB-4 La Paz BCS XHGC-5 w/supered calls (D-LA)
XHIT-4 Chihuahua CHIH (TV Azteca Chihuahua) Azteca-13 w/supered calls, local news, ads (D-LA)
XELN-4 Torreon COAH XHGC-5 w/supered calls (D-LA)
XHLEG-4 Leon GTO NN w/local IDs, news, ads (D-LA)
XHG-4 Guadalajara JAL (TV 4 Guadalajara) NN w/local IDs, news, ads (D-LA)
XHPVE-4 Puerto Vallarta JAL (4 Vallarta) XHGC-5 w/supered calls; also local IDs, news, ads (D-LA)
XHWX-4 Monterrey NL Azteca-13 w/local news updates (D-LA)
XHCCN-4 Cancun Q.ROO XHGC-5 w/supered calls (D-LA)
XHBS-4 Los Mochis SIN XEW-2 w/supered calls (D-LA)
XHMAF-4 Mazatlan SIN XHGC-5 w/supered calls/location(D-LA)
XHHSS-4 Hermosillo SON (TV Azteca Hermosillo) Azteca 13 w/TV Azteca Hermosillo IDs, local ads (D-LA)
XHD-4 Tampico TAM XEW-2 w/local ads (D-LA)
XHGV-4 Las Lajas VER (Telever/Televisa Veracruz) NN w/local IDs, news, ads; Not // XHFM-2 (D-LA)
XHMEN-4 Merida YUC XHGC-5 w/local ads (D-LA)
XHSMZ-4 Sombrerete ZAC XHGC-5 w/supered calls upper right(D-LA)

XHAQ-5 Mexicali BCS Azteca 13 w/full IDs, local ads (D-LA)
XEJ-5 Cd. Juarez CHIH XEQ-9; local IDs, ads (D-LA)
XHFI-5 Chihuahua CHIH XEW-2 w/local ads (D-LA)
XHATU-5 Atotonilco JAL XHGC-5 w/supered calls (D-LA)
XEDK-5 Guadalajara JAL (Canal Cinco; not related to XHGC-5) NN w/local news, ads; IDs display large "5" w/"Canal Cinco" v/o; Local newscast: "Antena Cinco" (D-LA)
XHNQR-5 Cancun Q.ROO Once TV w/"O" in a square logo(D-LA)
XHAJ-5 Las Lajas VER XHGC-5 w/supered calls (D-LA)

XEDK-6 Guadalajara JAL (Super 6) Moved to channel 5 in 1997; see above (D-LA, FG-NL)
XHCHF-6 Chetumal Q.ROO XHGC-5 w/supered calls upper left (DE Georgia)

XHAB-7 Matamoros TAM NN w/local IDs, news, ads (D-LA)
XERV-9 Reynosa TAM XEW-2 w/local ads (D-LA)
XHBR-11 Nuevo Laredo TAM XEW-2 w/supered calls (D-LA)

XHFOX-17 Reynosa TAM FOX: English programming for McAllen-Brownsville (D-LA)
XHTPZ-24 Tampico TAM XEQ-9 w/supered calls (Jeff Kruszka-LA)
XHCNL-34 Monterrey NL Local programming (D-LA)
XHFTX-57 Nuevo Laredo TAM FOX: English programmimg for Laredo (D-LA)

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Jeff Kruszka, LA
W9WI-TN: Doug Smith, TN

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