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Note: This page was put together in 2004. It has never been made public until November of 2010. KHON-2 is NOT counted in my log totals. My wife and son think I'm crazy for not counting KHON-2. They are probably right...

Since putting this page together, I sent a recording of my reception to F2 expert Robert Copeman in Australia. In his opinion, this is indeed F2, and it is possibly KHON-2.

My local analog KTBS-3 is now gone from channel 3 and the cable leakage is now only sporadic.

These photographs actually do not do justice to the signal. The recording looks better.

The possibility of receiving TV DX via F2 never seemed realistic to me. Therefore, I was not at all prepared when some F2 actually made its way to my TVs. The next time F2 visited my TVs I was preapred, but no ID was received. Although my experience with F2 has been interesting, it has not been very satisfying...

Don't you just hate it when a person has an excuse for every mistake he has ever made?

Well, I messed-up my first experience with F2 on December 30, 2001. That F2 was from somewhere in the vicinity of Venezuela. And I have some excuses (in addition to my admitted stupidity).

1. My local cable TV system leaks on the low-band (channels 2-6) to my east/southeast/south. (The cable company can't find the leak.) Therefore, signals from those directions have to be pretty strong in order to pull through the leakage.

2. My local channel 3 puts out radiation on channels 2 and 4 for days at a time during the winter months. This is not adjacent channel splash (I have traps for that), but actual signal on the adjacent channels. This was going on the morning of 12/30/01.

3. By nature F2 doesn't always appear to arrive at the receiver via a direct route. Therefore, I thought the odd-looking signal was a combination of cable leakage, channel 3 adjacent channel radiation, and weak Es from the east/northeast.

If I had only checked the WTFDA email list during the time of the odd signal, I could have read timely reports of F2 being received on TV in eastern parts of North America! But no, I simply felt like it was just some mixed-up Es from the usual eastern Es stations like WMAR-2 Baltimore. Thus, I didn't pay the signal much attention and only caught a few minutes of it on tape. Unfortunately, I was mixed-up, not the TV signal.

You can be assured that I was determined to never make that kind of mistake again. So I studied-up on F2 in hopes of having another chance someday. That chance came on October 30, 2003 at about 1700 Central Standard Time.

In spite of doubters in the DX community, I honestly believe that the odd signal that Steven Wiseblood (near Brownsville TX) and I received was KHON-2 Honolulu via F2. KHON-2 was the only TV station on channel 2 anywhere west of here airing "The People's Court" at that time of day. Most of all, Ham operators in this region of the country had strong contacts with Hawaii at the same time on the 6 meter band.

Note The People's Court logo lower left
The distance to Honolulu is almost 4,000 miles