Maintained by Danny Oglethorpe, member Worldwide TV-FM DX Association
Dedicated to Fernando Garcia, one of the DX giants

Rare photograph of Cuba UHF TV channel 15 with new Canal Educativo 2 programming from Christopher S. Dunne in Florida has been added to this site. Thanks to Christopher.

Two of my antennas: The UHF dish is an Antennacraft P-5 covered with chickenwire. The VHF log is a Winegard Chromestar CA-5254.

Check out the Worldwide TV/FM DX Association's website. This is the organization in North America for TV and FM DXers. Many of the world's most successful VHF-UHF DXers are members. For twenty-five U.S. dollars ($25) yearly dues you will receive
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Novice DXers are always welcome!

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