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Ed Phelps Logs a Record-Breaking 700th DTV!
A milestone in DXing history!
(September 5, 2013.)

Click on the photo of log #700 to see more of Ed's DTV stats.
(Photo is property of Ed.)

Christopher S. Dunne Breaks the DTV Tropo Distance Record!
Christopher receives 1,112 mile UHF DTVs!
(April 2012)

Click on the photo to see more.
(Photos are property of Christopher.)

TV DX Highlights 2013 Received in North Louisiana
New photos added regularly - (Now six pages)

XHD-4 Tampico
December 4, 2013
745 mile tropo

XEFB-2 Monterrey
August 8, 2013
611 mile tropo

XHPN-3 Piedras Negras, COAH
August 9, 2013
477 mile tropo

XET-6 Monterrey
July 30, 2013
611 mile tropo

KFXL-LD-29 Lufkin , TX (15kW)
July 31, 2013
New log

CIII-2 Bancroft, ON
July 11, 2013
1266 miles via Es

WACP-DT-4 Atlantic City
July 11, 2013
New log

XHI-2 Cd Obregon, SON
July 9, 2013
New log

K06AT Sheridan, WY 3kW
July 7, 2013
New log

XHBC-3 Mexicali, BCN
June 19, 2013

WLFM-LP-6 Cleveland 3kW
May 29, 2013
New log

CKCO-2-2 Wiarton, ON
May 31, 2013

CHBX-2 Sault Ste. Marie, ON
May 2, 2013

HRJG-6 San Pedro Sula, Honduras
January 15, 2013
New log

My TV and DTV DX Highlights 2012

TV DX Highlights 2012 Page 1
TV DX Highlights 2012 Page 2
Cuba TV DX 2011 - 2012
Central America TV DX 2012

My Mexico TV DX 2012
Includes XEFE-2 via tropo at 483 miles

Mexico TV DX 2012 Pages 1 and 2
Mexico TV DX 2012 Pages 3 - 6

Click on a picture below to see
South of the Border TV DX Sampler 2011
Includes XEFE-2 via E-skip at 483 miles
Now two pages for 2011 DX!

IDs from 100 Mexico TV Stations
Including sixty-three text IDs
(Four Pages)
Recent additions: XHCCN-4 (text), XHFI-5 (text), XHD-4 (text)
Click on the photo to see more.

DXing has been a part of my life since the 1960s.
MT cover August 2010

Over the years, I have DXed TV, FM, medium wave (AM), and shortwave. Although medium wave was always my favorite, TV DX consumes most of my DX time these days. My current TV log contains more than 1,100 TV stations logged since 1994.

While TV DX from Mexico has been the main focus of my DXing since the late 1990s, my TV log contains stations from forty-one inland U.S. states, D.C., Hawaii, five Canadian provinces, and five Latin America countries. As for Mexico, my log contains 141 TV stations from twenty-seven (of thirty-one) states and D.F.

The August, 2010, issue of Monitoring Times magazine contains my article about TV DXing in the digital age. TV DX is featured on the cover, and my article is three pages long. Many thanks to MT's Ken Reiss for giving me the opportunity to write that article.

My TV DX pictures were photographed using the following equipment:
• Canon AE-1 35mm camera (1996-2004)
• Snappy 2 screen capture (2003)
• Canon digital camera (2005)
• Canon A590IS digital camera (2009-present)

Thank God, my wife's health has been better the last two years. While the 2013 E-skip season produced a less than normal level of DX and lower MUFs, I did manage to add several new logs via Es and tropo.

Analog & Digital TV DX Logs 1994 - 2013 Sorted by State
Analog TV DX Log 1994 - 2013 Sorted by Channel
DTV DX Log May 2005 - June 2013 Sorted by Channel

Antennas used by me in 2013

Antennas The big antenna is a highly-directional Winegard CA-5254 VHF-only antenna connected to RG-11 coaxial cable. The boom length is fifteen-and-one-half feet, and it is eighteen feet above ground level. The UHF eight-bay antenna to the right is an old-style Channel Master 4228 connected to a Winegard AP-4700 UHF pre-amplifier and RG-11 coaxial cable. Height above ground level is twenty-two feet. Both antennas are on rotators.

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Mexico and Latin America TV DX Tips and Logos
DTV DX Records (June 13, 2009 and later - submit your DTV stats to me)
DTV DX Hall of Fame (June 12, 2009 and earlier)
Useful Links for TV DXers
Jeff Kruszka's Record-Breaking UHF Digital TV DX as Received in South Louisiana
Fernando Garcia's Record-Breaking TV DX Stats and Link to HisTV DX Photographs
Digital TV DX (including very long tropo)

Analog TV DX

Twenty-Seven Mexico States and DF
Local IDs from 100 Mexico TV Stations

Mexico TV DX

CJOH-6 Deseronto
Final Years of Analog TV in Canada 2009 - 2012
Ontario: Bancroft - Barrie
Ontario: Deseronto - Sault Ste. Marie
Ontario: Sudbury - Wiarton
Includes Cuba Local IDs
Cuba TV DX

Tele Pinar channel 2
HRCV-3 Honduras
Central America TV DX

IDs from 200 Digital TV Stations
Digital TV DX

K05MD-D Littleton, CO
WLFM-LP-6 Chicago
General Analog TV DX Pages
Sorted by themes

These pages are a work in progress. Photographs are added as I have time.
New series in 2013:
United States and Canada Analog TV DX Sorted by Market
IDs from 160 USA Analog TV Stations

Analog TV DX by Market

These pages are a work in progress. Photographs are added as I have time.

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